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Camfil calls for greater focus on PM 1

Company representative describes steps Camfil has taken to promote and implement ISO standard 16890

| | May 27, 2019 | 3:43 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 27 May 2019: The efforts made to have air systems comply with relevant filtration standards is the first step towards ensuring good air quality, said Dani Elamana, Technical manager, Camfil Middle East, adding how the company has taken steps to promote and implement ISO standard 16890 — the focus of which is more on the filtration of (Particulate Matter) PM 1 in ventilation filters. “Our filters are tested and classified as per the latest ISO 16890 standard,” he said.

Dani Elamana

Studies carried out recently, he added, show how fine particulate matter is more harmful than PM 2.5. “If these particles are inhaled, PM1 can get into the blood stream, and as a result it can lead to cancer and cause other cardiovascular diseases (CVD),” Elamana said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is consulting with a new air quality index to supplement PM 2.5 and PM 10, he said. There is a gap in the way good IAQ can be understood, and there is a need for the HVAC industry to be attentive to the effect PM 1 particles can have, Elamana said. “HVAC engineers and facilities Managers (FM) must select air filters that take care of PM 1 particles present in the air,” Elamana said. In addition, he said, the market in the Middle East is premature in terms of its understanding of IAQ. “Today, filter suppliers have the choice and must choose to deal with PM 1 and comply with their product range – that is, ISO 16890,” Elamana said. The HVAC market today, he added, needs a push in the right direction, as there is a need for awareness on the subject.

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