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Belimo introduces new flow sensors

The devices, for nominal diameters DN 65 – 150, ensure safety and efficiency in HVAC systems, company says

| | May 26, 2019 | 2:14 pm
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Flow sensors, DN 65 to DN 150

Hinwil, Switzerland, 26 May 2019: Reliable flow measurement is crucial for the energy-efficient optimisation of HVAC systems, Belimo said through a Press communiqué, while introducing its new flow sensors, which it described as adhering to the ultrasonic transit time method to provide accurate and repeatable flow measurements for water and water-glycol mixtures throughout the entire temperature range from -20 to +120°C.

A special benefit of the new flow sensors, Belimo said, is their glycol compensation. Reliable flow measurement is ensured by the ultrasonic measurement with patented procedure for recording, measuring and automatic compensation of the glycol concentration in the system, Belimo said. In addition, the sensor always calculates the correct density and specific heat capacity, which means no additional glycol sensor is required nor an additional measurement of the glycol concentration, Belimo added.

The sensor is made of corrosion-resistant materials and is insensitive to dirt due to the ultrasound measuring principle, Belimo said. With its robust and durable design, Belimo added, the flow sensor is protected against dirt and magnetite and is, thus, maintenance-free. This, Belimo said, enables a higher long-term stability of the measurements and only minimal temporal deviations in the flow measurement in systems with high concentrations of dirt and magnetite. Another significant benefit of the new flow sensors, Belimo said, is the compact design of the sensor tube and sound converter. Due to the compact size, the flow sensors save a lot of space, Belimo added.

In order to ensure a higher energy efficiency of the system, the sensor, the company said, has been designed so that there is a low pressure drop at the sensor. That reduces pressure losses in the hydraulic system, the company added, further increases the energy efficiency of the system, and guarantees reliable operation and a long service life.

The flow sensors with nominal diameters from DN 65 to DN 150, the company said, will be available in June 2019


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