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Leminar launches Galloway Air Filters

Company says the range comes in different media, sizes, shapes and grades to fit any commercial HVAC system

| | Apr 21, 2019 | 3:14 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 21 April 2019: Leminar Air Conditioning Industries, manufacturer of HVAC sheet metal products in the region, has announced the launch of Galloway Air Filters, a newly engineered range of air filters that can enhance the overall Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

The new launch, the company said through a Press communiqué, is in line with the company’s commitment to product development and innovation and is aimed at improving the health of building occupants by arresting the passage of airborne particles through HVAC systems.

Galloway Air Filter

Galloway Air Filters, the communiqué said, come in different media, sizes, shapes and grades to fit any commercial HVAC system. Presently, Leminar Air Conditioning Industries offers 13 types, including aluminium washable filter, plain panel filter, bag filter, V Cell carbon filter and deep pleat HEPA filter, the communiqué said. 

Pramodh Idicheria, COO, Leminar Air Conditioning Industries, said: “From introducing CGF1 integral flange system in the region for manufacturing ducts to the creation of Flame Safe, a non-coated fire-rated duct, Leminar has always been at the forefront of innovation. More recently, we have focused on people’s comfort and quality of life as a new dimension of our innovation strategy. Galloway Air Filters is a result of this new focus.”

Dipak Bhadra, Executive Director, Leminar Air Conditioning Industries, said: “We developed the Galloway Air Filters product line after years of R&D covering important aspects such as value creation, design, technology and sustainability. We have a very competitive range that serves this market’s need and can carve out a position for itself in the market.”

According to the communiqué, Galloway Air Filters are developed using advanced European manufacturing technology, combined with the technical and market expertise of Leminar. A member of US-based National Air Filtration Association (NAFA), Leminar uses filter’s media in compliance with ISO 16890.

Galloway Air Filters, the communiqué said, can be used in all types of applications, such as commercial office space, manufacturing and distribution, educational facilities, healthcare and pharma, hospitality, airport and transportation hubs.

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