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Chigo participates in the Canton Fair

Company showcases its VRF and light-commercial outdoor units, among other solutions in one of the oldest trade events in the world

| | Apr 18, 2019 | 4:04 pm
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Guangzhou, China, 18 April 2019: Chigo is participating in the 125th edition of the Canton Fair, from April 15 to May 5 in Guangzhou, China. Chigo expressed pride in its participation, saying that the Fair is widely regarded as the most comprehensive international trade event in China, and with the longest history.

Chigo said it is displaying a series of new products at the Fair, including its VRF and light-commercial outdoor units. The VRF unit can achieve up to four external units in parallel, and the maximum capacity of a single system is 128HP, which fully meets the needs of different engineering projects, Chigo said. The light-commercial outdoor unit, Chigo said, has a new duct design. Other features, Chigo claimed, include an increase in air volume by 10%, a reduction in noise by 5db and higher temperature and corrosion resistance, which allows it to work in harsh outdoor environments for a longer period of time without compromising on product performance.

Chigo at the Canton Fair

Chigo is also showcasing a new air handler, which the company claimed has an energy efficiency up to 18 SEER. The unit, Chigo said, has adopted the industry’s advanced fuzzy logic control technology, and offers a high degree of flexibility in installation – it can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Additionally, the unit’s TXV detachable design makes maintenance more convenient. Further, Chigo is showcasing a top-discharge outdoor unit, which the company said, can achieve ultra-low-frequency and non-stop operation. A high-efficiency DC compressor, Chigo said, is capable of stepless speed regulation, thus ensuring the stability of the indoor temperature and providing a more comfortable experience for the user.

‘Multi-function duct unit’ and ‘Fresh air processor’

The company’s Fresh Air Processor – another product that it is showcasing at the Fair – exchanges heat by using suction, and the wind speed is more uniform. Its high-efficiency recovery filter element, Chigo said, saves energy and is more environmentally friendly. The multi-function Duct unit is yet another product Chigo is showcasing. The unit can achieve a variety of health and comfort functions, such as fresh air, humidification, purification and dehumidification without cooling, Chigo said, adding that it is the best choice for high-end residential buildings.

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