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“As we build Smart, we need to neutralise structures to avoid Electromagnetic Stress”

Pooja Srivastav, Chief Energizing Officer, Shreem International Consultancy and Dubai’s first Building Biologist, recently received the ‘Adam Global Outstanding Award’ for her efforts to create toxin-free, sustainable bodies, buildings and structures in the United Arab Emirates and across the world. She speaks to Ranjana Konatt of Climate Control Middle East on Geopathic Stress, Electromagnetic Radiation and risk mitigation in the built-environment

| | Apr 16, 2019 | 1:32 pm
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Pooja Srivastav

When did you begin your career as a building biologist? Also, please highlight the effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) on the people living inside the building? 

I began working on Geopathic Stress lines on building structures around six years ago. We first set up an office in Poland and then here in the United Arab Emirates. I earned my first certifications in Geopathic Stress Rectifications and Electromagnetic Stress Rectifications; the latest is that of a Building Biologist. Building biology is a very new concept in the United Arab Emirates and, even though it is practiced in the West, having certifications is crucial. With WiFi and electronic gadgets, EMR is inevitable in structures today. The gadgets give a static burden in our bodies that slowly drains them of their natural minerals, causing health issues and impacting our well-being. As we build more Smart buildings, we need to neutralise the structures at the earliest to avoid Electromagnetic Stress. The World Health Organisation defines this as Sick Building Syndrome, and studies have shown that people living in buildings that are high on EMR and Geopathic Stress are more prone to falling sick. However, while the term Sick Building Syndrome is not new, it is important to note that not many people are aware of the term’s true meaning.

Could you elaborate on Geopathic Stress in buildings from an IEQ standpoint, and the importance and relevance of Geopathic and Electromagnetic Rectification? And what are your observations of the United Arab Emirates?

Geopathic Stress (GS) refers to the earth’s natural energies that are harmful to human beings. These energies run under the earth, and when we build homes and structures above these lines, our bodies come in contact with the stress. GS is the sole factor found to be associated with a majority of serious ailments and psychological issues. The negative effects of GS were medically proven more than 70 years ago, and many doctors in the West are now of the opinion that no treatment can be considered a complete success without eliminating the GS. When buildings are neutralised with Geopathic Rectification and Electromagnetic Rectifications, the energy within the individuals living in the structure is resourcefully used for maximum work performance. In effect, our energy or energy frequency is not ‘robbed’ by Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF) within the structure or the geopathic stress lines under the earth, on which we may be sitting, standing or sleeping. Geopathic Stress Rectification and Electromagnetic Stress Rectification is still a very new concept in the United Arab Emirates, as this Smart building aptitude is applied by select professionals only. We need to create more mass awareness on the impact of EMR and how to minimise it. On our part, we have already reached out to several corporates and universities for awareness programmes.

Do you believe that end-users are willing to invest in technology and HVAC equipment, so as to contribute to bettering IEQ? What are your observations?

The concept of Geopathic Rectification or Electromagnetic Rectification is fairly new knowledge in the region; however, we are beginning to see more acceptance of this science. People are applying the concept personally and are noticing positive changes in their health, well-being and performance, and an increasing number of people are considering this as an option, convinced that the IEQ would be enhanced. From our experience, our clients are quite open to Rectification. Now, the new thinking is that Smart Buildings should be well-equipped to counter the EMR and Geopathic Stress and their adverse effects.

Are we neglecting or ignoring the impact of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) on our body? What action is being taken from a global standpoint?

The most integral factor overlooked is the effect of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) in office environments. EMF crosses 528 hertz, where plants manufacture oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Therefore, if we are sitting in structures with over 3,000 hertz, we are actually exposed to very high negative energies, so effectively we can’t completely ‘Go Green’ until we counter this element. While the knowledge of Geopathic Stress Rectification is widely accepted in Germany, there are no structured facts or figures on how many buildings are Geopathic Stress-free. However, while studying in Australia to be a building biologist, I found many students deeply interested in such studies. World over, there are several products that are manufactured for Geopathic Rectification and Electro Magnetic Rectification. For example, there are curtains that can block EMF, or mattresses that are fluffed up with 36,000 litres of oxygen as a replacement for spiral beds, or even paints that neutralise EMF in structures. The GCC and Middle East region need to look at sustainability with the knowledge of Geopathic Stress Rectification and Electro Magnetic Rectification. Smart buildings cannot be completely Smart without sustainability, and we need to focus on ways to counter GS and EMR. For example, in many countries, WiFi and EMF exposure is limited and gadgets, such as iPads, are completely banned in schools and other public places. We need to incorporate these values, along with protecting our structures against EMR and GS. The visionaries of the region have put every effort to have growth with sustainability hand-in-hand; however, it’s up to people to choose and not use these smart gadgets excessively, as they will create an imbalance in our well-being. The awareness of Geopathic Stress and Electro Magnetic Stress is very relevant, and the solutions are available, especially in the West, which we can adapt for the United Arab Emirates

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