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Siemens signs first-ever deal in Middle East with Petra Engineering Industries, Jordan

Siemens will supply Jordanian manufacturer with the building technology and software to develop a line of smart HVAC and building management systems, says company’s representative

| | Mar 6, 2019 | 11:15 am
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Amman, Jordan, 6 March 2019: Germany-headquartered Siemens signed the first-ever deal in Jordan with Petra Engineering Industries Company to supply smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and equipment, the former company announced in a Press communiqué. This is Siemens’ first-ever partnership in the Middle East region, the communiqué said.

Markus Strohmeier, Senior Executive VP, Siemens Middle East’s Building Technologies Division (seated right); Omar Abu Wishah, Vice Chairman, Petra Engineering Industries (seated centre) and Omar Ali, Operations Director (seated left) sign the partnership agreement, with Birgitta Siefker–Eberle, German Ambassador to Jordan (centre back) overseeing the signing of the deal.

Under the contract, Siemens will supply Petra with the building technology and software to develop a line of smart HVAC and building management systems, the communiqué said. These systems are based on the Siemens Controllers platforms and are to be marketed by Petra in over 40 markets worldwide, the communiqué further said.

Omar Abu Wishah, Vice Chairman, Petra Engineering Industries, explained that the Siemens technology will complement Petra’s systems to “revolutionise the competitiveness and quality of its product lines”.

Mohammad Lahham, Electrical Design Manager, Petra, said the German manufacturer’s technology will be customised to meet Petra’s specifications, supplied at preferential costs. Petra will then develop Siemens’s technologies and their own systems, as well as the necessary circuitry, to integrate these parts into smart, digital HVAC systems, Lahham said.

In his remarks at the signing, Markus Strohmeier, Senior Executive Vice President, Siemens Middle East’s Building Technologies Division, said: “This is a landmark partnership for Jordan’s manufacturing sector, strengthening the portfolio of a world-class Original Equipment Manufacturer with smart building technology from Siemens. Together we can drive the adoption of intelligent, digitalised infrastructure around the world, in pursuit of more efficient, liveable cities.”

German Ambassador Birgitta Siefker-Eberle and Omar Abu Eid from the EU delegation also attended the ceremony, the communiqué said. Speaking at the event, Siefker-Eberle expressed pride in Germany’s partnership with Jordan. She said, “Petra Engineering Industries is a perfect example of what Jordanians can achieve when they make efficient use of the human resource present in this country and rely on their own capacities and achievements.”

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