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RGF gets patents for IAQ-related technologies

‘Turbohydroionization’, a microbial sand odour-control system, and ‘Photohydroionization’ (PHI-Cell) to boost IAQ from the technological aspect, says Executive Vice President, RGF Environmental Group

| | Mar 5, 2019 | 4:36 pm
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Florida, USA, 5 March 2019: RGF recently developed and patented an industrial water reclaim system, which contains the proprietary ‘Turbohydroionization’ system, a microbial sand odour-control system, said Walter Ellis, Executive Vice President, RGF Environmental Group. “The system,” he said, “is an Ultraviolet (UV) light-based catalytic system that reduces VOCs, microbes and algae in the actual wash water.” The active water treatment systems are later refined, he added, and their technologies adapt to air applications for fire and flood restoration.

Walter Ellis, Executive Vice President, RGF Environmental Group

Ellis said: “Following this, RGF then developed and patented ‘Photohydroionization’ (PHI-Cell). The technology was initially designed to be a small well-mounted and in-room portable system,” he said. “The company then expanded these systems with new designs specific to the food processing industry, that is, the ambient air, equipment surfaces and also direct food contact applications with PHI tunnels,” he added. “During this time, the Guardian Air series of in-duct PHI products were also developed.”

Over the past 10-15 years, Ellis said, numerous independent laboratories and hospitals have conducted tests to determine the efficacy of RGF PHI-Cell. “The studies,” he said, “have continually shown the effectiveness of our technologies.” While highlighting a few existing IAQ-driven technologies, he said, “The REME ECHO is a whole home in-duct air purifier and includes seven of the most efficient air-cleaning technologies.” He added that the combination of PHI, PCO, bi-polar ions, UV, hydrosonolysis, cold plasma and ultrasonic energy is a first for the IAQ industry.

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