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Hormann introduces energy-saving thermo garage doors

Double-skinned doors for homes offer thermal insulation achieved by sections with thermal break with a U-value of 0.33 W/( m²·K), says German company

| | Mar 12, 2019 | 9:55 am
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Dubai, UAE, 12 March, 2019: Hormann has launched its double-skinned LPU 67 sectional garage doors that open vertically upwards and can be suspended under ceiling to save space, the German company said through a Press communiqué.

According to the communiqué, the doors offer excellent thermal insulation achieved by sections with thermal break with a U-value of 0.33 W/ (m²·K), a very good seal on spaces between sections with double-lip seals and an optimum floor connection using double- bottom seals, which also compensate for floor unevenness and energy losses. For those seeking ways to isolate air-conditioned areas, the LPU 67 thermo sectional garage doors have been designed to achieve the company’s lowest ever U-value, providing up to 50% more thermal insulation than previous models, the company said through the communiqué. The doors achieve this by using 67mm-thick, polyurethane foam-filled panels and double-lip seals on all four sides, the company claimed through the communiqué. A well-insulated garage door is always recommended when the garage and the home are directly connected.

The double-skinned LPU 67 sectional garage door

Darius Khanloo, Managing Director, Hormann Middle East & Africa, said: “Since the sectional doors open vertically upwards, you can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage. The comfort and convenience of the LPU 67 make it the best choice for garage doors.”

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