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Brand-agnostic approach best in an EPC-driven market, says Enova

We work with leading manufacturers, engineers and offer custom-built, says company’s representative

| | Mar 17, 2019 | 11:12 am
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Dubai, UAE, 17 March 2019: In Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), each market is different, and in order to enable a certain level of flexibility, we follow an approach that is brand agnostic, said Francisco Ramalheira, Director, Business Development and Marketing, Enova. In an EPC market, he said, the ESCO guarantees the level of savings, which translates into the economic aspect of things. Elaborating, he said: “We work with leading manufacturers, engineers and offer custom-built, in-house solutions and also consider requirements based on the local market.”

Francisco Ramalheira, Director, Business Development and Marketing, Enova

Pointing to the importance of having quality equipment in projects, Ramalheira said: “The first thing is that Enova offers a different range of solutions, which are customised to the client’s requirement.” Often, what tends to happen as a result of functioning in an evolving market, he said, is that there will be service companies with less experience. As a result, he added, a sort of natural selection of equipment takes place. “We recommend to look at all the elements for the selection of the most suitable provider, instead of taking a price-driven decision,” he said. With regard to Enova’s experience with the EPC market in the MENA region, he said, we have never had any dispute over performance obligations and are committed to delivering our guarantees as per the contract agreement.




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