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BASF moves regional headquarters to JAFZA One

New office will foster collaboration, creativity and will also help us serve our customers better, says VP, BASF

| | Mar 26, 2019 | 12:02 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 26 March 2019: BASF has moved its regional headquarters to a new office in Jafza One, said Dr Udo Huenger, Vice President, Middle East, BASF, while giving an update on the company. “The new space,” he said, “is designed to foster collaboration and creativity, and I am sure that it will allow us to serve our customers in the region better.”

Dr Udo Huenger, Vice President, Middle East, BASF

In addition, Huenger said that BASF recently broke new ground by producing materials using recycled plastic feedstock. Mechanical recycling, he said, is limited because of an increase of residues in the material in each cycle. “A team at BASF has developed the ChemCycling project,” he said. With chemical recycling, Heunger added, fossil resources for chemical production can be replaced with recycled material from plastic waste. “At our largest manufacturing site at our headquarters in Germany,” he said, “we are already developing pilot products with 10 customers from various industries.” This, he added, includes refrigerator elements and insulation boards.

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