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Industry representative makes the call for more research in the field of ventilation

Ventilation also faces a lack of skilled Measurement and Verification professionals to calculate energy savings, says Owner, Green Energy Solutions

| | Feb 28, 2019 | 2:04 pm
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Barrie Harmsworth, Owner, Green Energy Solutions

Dubai, UAE, 28 February 2019: There is very little research being done on roof ventilation systems, said Barrie Harmsworth, Owner, Green Energy Solutions, while emphasising on natural ventilation systems and their advantages.“The GCC region,” he said, “has a cruel and unforgiving climate and a high percentage of fine sand and dust particles, which prove to be merciless on any form of ventilation equipment.” Ventilation is an economical solution, but there is a lack of skilled Measurement and Verification professionals in the industry to calculate energy savings, he said. Pointing to a possible solution, he said, “By adopting an ISO Standard (ISO71194-2008), we can establish a level playing field for comparison and accurately provide flow rates.”

Elaborating on Green Energy Solution’s new patent for their static roof ventilation system, Hurricane Plus, Harmsworth said, “The unit is more efficient because the energy of the wind flow is not wasted.” Also, knowing the principle behind the ventilator, he added, made it relatively easy to come up with ideas that could make the unit more efficient.


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