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TSSC offers sustainable solutions for cold chain innovation

Strong market in Middle East for cold rooms and refrigerated trucks set to further benefit from solar technology, eutectic systems and telematics, says company’s representative

| | Feb 4, 2019 | 5:08 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 4 February 2019: Technical Supplies & Services Company (TSSC), a manufacturer of advanced building materials and systems in the Middle East and a member of Harwal Group, announced that its innovative technologies for the cold chain industry continue to gain traction, serving the ever-growing demand for energy-efficient solutions in the region, through a Press communiqué.

Cold store

According to TSSC, the company’s solar technology for refrigerated trucks, eutectic plate systems and telematics technology are some of its latest innovations that are continuously enhancing the performance of cold chain systems.

Miro Donabedian, General Manager for Cold Stores and Refrigerated Trucks, TSSC, said: “TSSC continues to invest in Green initiatives that are in line with our commitment towards sustainable engineering in terms of design and production, including improving our operational processes guided by ISO 9001:2015 quality standards. As a leading regional player in the cold chain industry, TSSC holds a 40% market share for cold rooms and a 35% share for refrigerated trucks and is working on innovative insulation products for cold storage and vehicle refrigeration systems. TSSC’s expansive manufacturing capabilities have enabled it to build the largest cold store project in the world in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with a total area of 1.6 million square feet.”

Nour Chawi, Division Manager for Refrigerated Trucks, TSSC, said: “TSSC has been successfully testing products and fabricating vehicles of all types and sizes, equipped to transport dry goods as well as perishables, such as dairy, poultry, meat, fruits and juices, because we fully understand the challenges faced by the food and beverage industry, when it comes to transport and distribution of goods to their markets, such as temperature leakage, costly maintenance, higher fuel consumption and inefficiencies in the delivery of products.”

Solar-powered refrigeration truck

TSSC’s solar-powered refrigeration unit provides various benefits, such as less energy consumption, less noise pollution, elimination of emissions from diesel exhausts and less dependency on the truck engines to maintain cooling, in cases where engines are shut off, the communiqué said. TSSC’s innovative eutectic plate system also ensures the maintenance of temperature inside a cold storage or refrigerated truck for long periods, even after the unit has been disconnected from the power supply, the communiqué further said. The company has also been creating added value for its customers using telematics, the latest development in remotely monitoring the overall condition of refrigerated vehicles in transit, the communiqué added.

Haris Usama, General Manager Electromechanical Refrigeration Services, TSSC, said: “With its in-depth knowledge of refrigeration systems, TSSC proves to be highly capable in delivering world class solutions – creating temperature-controlled storage systems and processing plants using globally accepted natural refrigerants like NH3, H2O, zero ODP and low-GWP synthetic refrigerants. These solutions help preserve the environment and contribute to a cleaner atmosphere, while also ensuring better return-on-investment for customers, due to their low energy consumption.”


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