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The Air Conditioning Energy Saver (ACES) units work on demand and help save up to 35% on energy, says company’s Executive Director

| | Feb 19, 2019 | 10:58 am
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Adnan Sharafi, Executive Director, Gerab Energy Systems

Dubai, UAE, 19 February 2019: Smart devices play a crucial role in energy efficiency. Echoing this thought was Adnan Sharafi, Executive Director, Gerab Energy Systems. While highlighting Gerab’s all-new Air Conditioning Energy Saver (ACES) unit, he said, “The ACES smart device turns the compressor on and off, once it reaches saturation. When compared to normal air conditioning units that remain turned on as long as the thermostat asks for cooling, which results in the wastage of energy, ACES works on demand and saves up to 35% on energy, depending on the situation.” Elaborating, he added that the technology was specifically designed for window ACs, split systems and packaged units.

Janis Strelits, Business Development Manager, Gerab Energy Systems

Highlighting yet another technology, Sharafi pointed to EcoShield, the company’s Wet Wall Evaporative Cooling Technology system. “If you look at history, adiabatic cooling is very old technology, and today with adiabatic cooling, you are aware of how much water is needed and in which ways it can be put to best possible use,” he said. The first Wet Wall system, he elaborated, was installed three to four years ago and, today, installation and maintenance are easy.

Janis Strelits, Business Development Manager, Gerab Energy Systems, pointed to growth in the number of projects in the region and said, “Every year, we see the number of projects increasing, and this has been the first sign that technology is being accepted.” With regard to retrofit projects, Sharafi pointed to two years as the common payback period. Highlighting the challenges around retrofitting, he said, “Products are specifically designed for retrofit projects and, recently, we seen chiller manufacturers have begun to use smart technology.”

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