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CIBSE UAE awards engineers from the GCC region at annual dinner

Institution took the initiative to introduce three awards to recognise engineers, consultants and contractor companies in the GCC region

| | Feb 24, 2019 | 5:27 pm
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CIBSE awards presentation

Dubai, UAE, 24 February 2019: The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE UAE) held an annual dinner on February 20, 2019 in Dubai, during which it took the initiative of introducing three awards to recognise engineers, consultants and contractor companies in the GCC region.

Reid Donovan, Chairman, CIBSE, UAE, made the opening remarks and then invited the host for the evening, Richard Dean, journalist, broadcaster and public speaker, Dubai Eye. Taking to the podium, Dean highlighted the hype over Artificial Intelligence (AI) and said, “AI changes the way we process data, and from a business development perspective, it must be embraced.” The second thing, he said, is: “I don’t believe anyone who tells me that I can’t make money in Dubai. In some sense, they are right. However, the truth remains that you cannot make fat margins with a mediocre middle manager. It is tough, but companies are making money here, and old-fashioned properties have been experiencing a 30% increase in profit.” Remembering the words of a Dubai-based economist, he added: “The GDP in the GCC region went from USD 240 billion to USD 1.4 trillion between the years 1980 and 2016. Look at the political upheaval we’ve had in that time and, despite all that, the GDP has grown,” he said.

Stephen Lisk, President, CIBSE, then took to the podium and posed a question: “Do we really want to lead change?” He added, “Tonight, I know that by being in the room, you are committed to leading positive change, and I thank you for it. In addition, there are other changes we are experiencing now – the climate and our impact on it along with geopolitical tension.” When he posed the question to contractors on what were the big changes, he said, technology and AI topped the list. “Professional engineering institutions, Facilities Management, and architects working on projects must talk to one another, right from design to hand-over,” he added.

CIBSE presented the Young Engineer Award to Thomas Craig, Black and White Engineering. The Contractor of the Year Award went to BK Gulf and The Consultant Award to Aurecon.




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