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AMCA takes the initiative to train professionals on the FEI metric

The Fan Efficiency Index metric will require learning, as it has different complexities as an operating point metric, says Senior Director, Global Affairs, AMCA International

| | Feb 18, 2019 | 2:49 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 18 February 2019: “The Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG) metric was developed through AMCA and was published in the year 2010,” said Michael Ivanovich, Senior Director, Global Affairs, AMCA International, while highlighting the new Fan Efficiency Index (FEI) metric. The new-style FEI metric, he said, works with any amount of motor-driven load, be it with fans, pumps or air compressors and is also known as the wire-to-air metric. “The Fan Efficiency Index (FEI) metric takes a step further,” he said, “and is called the operating point metric.” For instance, he said, when a manufacturer produces a fan, its rating point is its operation and that makes it a unique and exciting metric. “When an engineer is designing an air system,” he added, “the duty point is specific to the air flow, litres per minute and pressure in Pascals.”

The engineer’s software, Ivanovich said, will offer five different fan sizes and FEI optimises the fan size, as per the pressure and airflow requirement. “One of the things AMCA realised is that the FEI metric is going to require a lot of learning in the industry,” he said. “But because it is an operating point metric, it has different complexities. Presently, we have developed a microsite to train people and help them understand the standard and the regulations in place for the year 2019,” he added, concluding, “If anyone is interested and wants to learn, we’ve made our standard 208, which defines how to calculate FEI.”


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