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The QCC Certificate of Conformity brings control in the market, says GAMI

QCC more stringent than SASO, says CEO, GAMI

| | Jan 21, 2019 | 9:45 am
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Magdy A Mekky, CEO, GAMI

Dubai, UAE, 21 January 2019: GAMI recently announced it has been awarded the QCC Certificate of Conformity and has been given the licence to bear the Abu Dhabi Trustmark. Commenting on the certification, Magdy A Mekky, CEO, GAMI, said, “Regulations, such as the QCC Certificate of Conformity, are good initiatives and we are really happy because they ensure there is some amount of control in the market.”

Certifications, Mekky said, have become a requirement, considering the focus put on energy. The Trustmark for environmental performance, he said, addresses two aspects of a unit – that is, its performance and the environment. “EER is the highest in the Middle Eastern industry and the minimum efficiency required is 11.6 EER at T1 and this has created a lot of commotion,” he added. Pointing to SASO certification, he asserted that the QCC certification is more stringent.

Mekky also highlighted the process and experience of acquiring the certification and said, “The issue we had was that we discovered the need to have an ESMA certification prior to applying for the QCC.” When we tested the unit, he said: “We found that we were 7-8% short of the QCC certification on various parameters. The next step, was to look into how we could improve and so we replaced the motors with IE3 motors, after which we went on to test the equipment of varying capacities, i.e. 11 tonnes, seven tonnes and 15 tonnes.” Elaborating on refrigerant use, Mekky said, “Refrigerant use is a critical topic to HVAC systems and we use the 407C and the 410A refrigerants, which is also used widely in the UAE and the USA.” Recently, he added, “we also introduced a roof package unit, which uses inverter technology and can also be used in Fan Coil Units.”

While providing an observation about the market, Mekky highlighted that the market is tough but the UAE is the best place to do business. “It is easy to move around and even to other countries,” he said. Regulation, especially the QCC, he said, brings everyone at par with reference to benchmarking of products. “The QCC,” Mekky added, “ensures that everyone meets the regulation and that there is a standard to the products being brought into the market.”

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