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The planning stage is crucial for repurposing existing buildings

In view of the World Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai, Sales Manager, North, Latin America and Middle East, Clim, stresses the importance of planning in big projects

| | Jan 7, 2019 | 4:59 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 7 January 2019: Planning is crucial to big projects, especially in events like the World Expo 2020, to be held in Dubai, asserted Caio Tadeu Brandao, Sales Manager, North, Latin America and Middle East, Clim. Speaking specifically with regard to planning and how it influences design and the repurposing of buildings at a later stage, he said, “With regard to repurposing buildings, we must see how much of the infrastructure can be absorbed by the business and tourist industry.” Quality materials, he said, are used for the project and everything that is built now can be extended and repurposed, if planned appropriately. “We have been supplying to contractors working on the Expo project,” he said. “For us,” he asserted, “it is a very good thing and we have seen an increase in sales.”

“Not only with reference to Expo 2020,” Brandao said, “but also with regard to basic buildings, everything that is built well initially, can be repurposed.” Pointing to another crucial aspect, he said: “A very important point is that you have to ensure that skilled and trained professionals are working on the project. The way systems are installed and put to use can have a direct influence on the life of the product.”

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