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Samsung introduces all-new ‘Wind-Free for VRF’ at HVACR Saudi Arabia

The aim is to ensure that whatever has the Samsung logo must be guaranteed to be efficient, says General Manager, Samsung

| | Jan 31, 2019 | 4:44 pm
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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 31 January 2019: Samsung is proud to introduce the Wind-Free for VRF Systems, said Saher Hilal, General Manager, Samsung, at the launch of the new technology. Elaborating, he said, “Wind-Free assures even cooling around the space you are living in and this will eliminate any kind of overcooling.” The idea of having the technology, he said, was to maximise the power savings related to VRF technology. He added: “Presently,  we are running different training programmes for our contractors and are making some kind of certified installer programme. We need to ensure that by the end of the day, whatever has the Samsung logo is provided to the customer as a total solution and is guaranteed to be efficient.”

Elaborating on the kind of market response the technology has received, Hilal said, “So far, the customers have welcomed the technology.” Elaborating on the HVACR Expo in Saudi Arabia, he said, “A number of people have visited our booth and have got inside the experience zone of the wind-free and they find it fantastic.” As an established HVAC player, he said, “We are optimistic and have seen the budget being allocated for infrastructure and projects in Saudi Arabia, as it reflects on the market growth.” He added, “We are also involved with the Neom project and have sold units to some facilities.”


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