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Hira Industries gives push to on-site technical training for installation

Manufacturers are often blamed if a system does not perform well, whereas the cause is incorrect installation, says company representative

| | Jan 15, 2019 | 1:37 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 15 January 2019: “Very often, workers at construction sites do not have proper knowledge of how to install equipment, especially with regard to piping systems,” said Farhan Jaffry, Marketing and Communication Lead, Hira Industries. “Usually,” he said, “the manufacturer is blamed if a system does not perform well and it is mostly due to incorrect installation.” To address the issue, he added, Hira Industries has a team of technical supervisors who train the individuals carrying out the installations.

Initially, Jaffry said, very few companies were doing technical training for installation on-site. Elaborating on the market, Jaffry said, “As far as the market is concerned, people want to save on cost, be it on maintenance or installation.”


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