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Engie Refrigeration records high demand for Quantum chillers with R-513A

German company realises various projects with alternative safety refrigerant, says CEO

| | Jan 17, 2019 | 9:54 am
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Quantum chillers from Engie Refrigeration are available with the refrigerant R-134a, R-1234ze or R-513A.

Lindau, Germany, 17 January 2019: In the past few months, Engie Refrigeration GmbH has recorded particularly high demand for Quantum chillers with the refrigerant R-513A, the company said in a Press communiqué. In future, R-513A will be used by operators of data centres and hospitals as well as carmakers who have recently ordered an air-cooled or water-cooled Quantum, the communiqué said. The German company added the alternative refrigerant to its portfolio in April 2018, the communiqué further said.

Jochen Hornung, CEO, Engie Refrigeration, said: “With R-513A we are betting even more heavily on sustainability. This refrigerant possesses a lower global warming potential and, therefore, already meets the future requirements of the F-gas Regulation today. That is how we at Engie Refrigeration help our customers convert their refrigeration systems to an eco-friendly alternative.”

This alternative is very popular with customers, the communiqué said. In the past few months, Engie Refrigeration reported 10 new orders involving Quantum chillers with R-513A, the communiqué further said. The refrigerant is in demand in all industries and with customers of many scales – from computer centres to hospitals and industrial corporations, the communiqué also said.

Hornung added: “When the refrigerant R-513A is used in a Quantum chiller, it achieves the same cooling performance and approximately the same energy efficiency as with R-134a. That is why this combination is suitable for a variety of applications and can help ensure an optimal cooling supply in many different applications.”

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