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‘VR can be integrated with BIM to benefit FM’

Though cost is a factor in the adoption of technology, the benefits of the technology cannot be ignored, says CEO, Kanousei

| | Dec 12, 2018 | 9:58 am
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Harold S Dickenson, Founder and CEO, Kanousei

Dubai, UAE, 12 December 2018: The use and integration of computers in industries are increasing exponentially, said Harold S Dickenson, Founder and CEO, Kanousei. During the Safety Design in Buildings Conference, held on December 11, in Abu Dhabi, Dickenson said, “Computers can drastically improve fire safety in buildings by visualising and factoring in human behaviour.” With VR, he added, you can replicate complicated situations, one of the applications of which is to help a person cope with stress in a complicated situation.

Haptic feedback, Dickenson said, is the next version of VR, in terms of bringing the sense of touch to the experience. When dealing with high-stress situations, for instance, in case of a fire, studying human feedback is critical, he said. However, the application of the technology in today’s time involves cost, which can be a concern for its acceptance with regard to fire safety. He added, “We cannot deny the fact that VR models today are taking BIM information and benefiting Facilities Management in a building lifecycle and it is going to play a massive role in how we function in the future.”

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