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‘Robopro is a one-stop-solution for project management’

The software caters to supply requirements that are not available in standard Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, says CEO, Robosoft Solutions

| | Dec 9, 2018 | 2:41 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 9 December 2018: Technology gives an organisation the edge over its competitors, said Karan Khemka, CEO, Robosoft Solutions, while elaborating on the role of technology in the HVAC industry. “Our job is to make businesses work efficiently. There is a need and demand for good Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (ERP) in the construction and project management space,” Khemka said. “Though there are a number of software applications available, what the market needs is a clear-cut solution, which takes care of everything. There are numerous facets to a project, from project detailing, to supply management, to costing. And very often, clients use different software packages for different solutions,” he added.

Pointing to Robosoft’s software, Robopro, Khemka said, the company has a specific software-based solution for the HVAC industry, which, takes care of the 20% of building functions that cater to HVAC systems. “From a detailed overview of project-based procurement to an activity-based costing and profitability,” the software, he said, caters to the supply requirements that are not there in standard ERPs. Presently, he said, the company has 30-odd clients and understands the challenges they face. “When it comes to the overall market acceptance of the software,” Khemka said, “the situation is a positive one, as the solution does benefit the client, while enabling them to control the entire project from a single software.”

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