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No issues of liquidity in cash flow in evaporative cooling, says ProXcelo

The demand for evaporative cooling continues to grow, leading to an increase in demand for solutions, says CEO

| | Dec 20, 2018 | 9:00 am
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Ziad Ibrahim, CEO, ProXcelo

Dubai, UAE, 20 December 2018: Evaporative cooling is a simple concept, the demand for which comes from areas that cannot be cooled by ACs or fans, said Ziad Ibrahim, CEO, ProXcelo, while giving an update on the market demand for the concept. The demand for evaporative cooling, he said, has grown over the past few years and continues to grow, as there are more business openings and an increase in the demand for solutions.

With regard to Expo 2020, Ibrahim said, “We are going to consider making our contribution.” The construction projects definitely need evaporative cooling to keep the workers safe and in perfect condition, he said. When it comes to the technology’s contribution to sustainability and energy efficiency, Ibrahim said, “Our air coolers have very low consumption with a considerably large cooling capacity.” Commenting on the market and hiccups in liquidity and cash flow, he said, “There are no problems when it comes to payments from clients.”

Based on experience, Ibrahim added, the company has found a high demand for evaporative cooling and, hence, has recently opened a factory and office in Ajman Free Zone. “The office,” he said, “enables us to provide better customer service and shorter delivery time.” The overall idea and motive, he said, is to provide the best quality products, not only in the United Arab Emirates but also elsewhere, through exports.

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