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Exploring the benefits of IoT-enabled sensors

IoT-enabled sensors can help businesses and projects save time and money as well as monitor productivity of the work being done, says Co-Founder, Time Control Technologies

| | Dec 6, 2018 | 5:00 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 6 December 2018: The IoT continues to shape the way in which businesses function and its integration in the HVAC industry, is crucial and cannot be ignored. Ghassan Yusuf, Co-founder and Hardware IOT specialist, Time Control Technologies, while echoing the thought, said, “As an IoT-first firm, we help businesses save on both time and money, while also increasing productivity.” Referring to IoT-enabled tracking sensors, he said, the company also generates automated time sheets, payrolls and attendance reports. “Our clients are mainly from the construction and contracting space,” he said. And having such sensors ensures that the owner of the company pays the right amount of money for the right amount of work, while also being able to monitor the efficiency of the work being done, he said. Though the sensors are multipurpose, which can be used for different requirements, they use AI to tell you what is happening, he further said. “We have a cloud platform which can be accessed by four to five levels of management, right from the project manager to the building monitoring company,” he added.

Pointing to a misconception within the industry about the market, Yusuf said, “When we speak of tracking devices, people within the HVAC industry often take it in a negative way, but it can be used for safety and security.” Elaborating, Yusuf said that such sensors can be of great benefit within the cold chain in monitoring a fleet of transport vehicles, to keep a check on breaks and, hence, ensure food quality.

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