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Call made for quality checks on fire dampers

Quality checks at the manufacturing stage are very crucial, says Quality Checks Engineer, Betec Cad

| | Dec 27, 2018 | 11:30 am
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Dubai, UAE, 27 December 2018: The market demand for fire dampers is high in the United Arab Emirates and in Saudi Arabia, said Gautham Srinivasan, Quality Checks Engineer, Betec Cad. “Today the main concern is with regard to air balancing, which makes quality checks at the manufacturing stage very crucial,” Srinivasan said. “Today,” he added, “fire dampers have been made mandatory, especially in new buildings,” which is one of the contributing factors to the demand for fire dampers in the market.

With reference to quality checks being carried out on fire dampers, Srinivasan asserted that an end-to-end check of raw materials is necessary. “Right from the raw material stage, to its cutting, bending, welding, inspection and assembling, all products must be checked,” he said. “Typically,” he added, “after completion, the unit is sent to the electrical section, where operation tests are carried out, after which it is despatched.”

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