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‘BIM is approached with varying levels of maturity by stakeholders in the industry’

Stakeholders are aware of the value BIM brings to a project, but they are often hesitant to take the first step towards change, says company representative

| | Dec 10, 2018 | 10:12 am
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Dubai, UAE, 10 December 2018: Building Information Modelling (BIM) and its application as a technology have been appreciated and adopted by the HVAC and construction industries, at different levels, across the world. Echoing the thought, Justin Style, Marketing Technologist, BIMobject, stressed on the differing levels of maturity among stakeholders in the HVAC industry, the world-over. He said, “People across the world approach BIM with different maturity levels.” For instance, he said, in Northern Europe, BIM has a high acceptance rate, which can be attributed to government legislation. When the pressure to adopt a technology comes from the top, he added, it ensures that industries and businesses are monitored efficiently.

Pointing to the need of the hour, Style said, “Stakeholders are aware of the value of BIM, but often cost is an issue which hinders its adoption.” Often project cost margins are slim and people have to invest in the initial phase, he said. “We constantly speak to stakeholders coming from different levels in the industry and we tell them to be evangelists of BIM,” said Style. Elaborating, he stressed the need to tell managers that they need to keep up with time and embrace change and technology. He added, “The adoption of such technology is a collective effort and for it to work we need to see ourselves taking the step towards change.”

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