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Au Pure Solutions gives push to Plasma Ionisation technology for good IAQ

When a building is constructed, attention must be given to dehumidification and solutions must be sought, says Sales Director, Plasma Air International

| | Dec 6, 2018 | 10:37 am
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Dubai, UAE, 6 December 2018: Giving due attention to sustainable HVAC design solutions in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Au Pure IAQ Solutions hosted a Business Breakfast session on November 27, which was conducted by Chris Russell, EMEA Sales Director, Plasma Air International, and their regional representative, Jatin Sachdeva, General Manager, Au Pure IAQ Solutions.

During the session, Russell highlighted the effectiveness of Plasma Ionisation technology in maintaining good IAQ. He said, “In Plasma Ionisation, there is a set of ionisation tubes, which strips the electron off the oxygen atom, while air passes over the tubes.” When this happens, the output is a positive oxygen atom and electron, which sticks to another neutral oxygen atom, resulting in a stream of positive and negative ions. Elaborating, he said, “When ions get into a particular space, they cause small particles, such as VOCs and contaminants in the air to stick to each other, while also getting rid of spores and moulds.” Pointing to moulds as a major issue in buildings today, he said, “When a building is constructed, it is essential that owners and project managers invest in efficient dehumidification solutions.” Maintenance in the case of plasma ionisation, he said, is rather easy, as the tubes need to be replaced every two years.

Highlighting another application of the technology, Russell pointed to retrofit projects as an ideal space. “To be honest, if there is an IAQ issue, the technology can be applied anywhere,” he said. Today, however, people are only beginning to comprehend IAQ problems and not entirely taking measures to address the situation. Making the call for awareness, he said, “Building management companies today have no fundamental interest in solving problems.” The first step, he asserted, is to get as many people aware about the issue and move forward in terms of the application of the technology.


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