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UAE-made ‘portable cooling solution’ to launch at Big 5

The technology can cool up to 328 m² of space, while delivering up to 33,000 m³ of cool air volume in the harshest environments on earth, says President, ProXcelo

| | Nov 11, 2018 | 11:07 am
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Janty Ghopkash, President, ProXcelo Industries

Dubai, UAE, 11 November 2018: The challenging temperature conditions throughout the Gulf region necessitates specific cooling solutions to help relieve heat stress, said Janty Ghopkash, President, ProXcelo Industries, while pointing to the demand for portable cooling technologies in the Middle East region. Highlighting the company’s new cooling technology, the ‘DualXcool,’ he said, it not only provides efficient evaporative cooling but also allows customers to choose an additional cooling boost from evaporative cooling. Heat stress today, he added, is a common issue during the harsh summers in the region and is often a contributing factor leading to project slow-down. “The ProXcool 200 and 300, incorporates DualXcool Technology, which helps deal with heat stress,” asserted Ghopkash. In addition, he said, providing efficient portable cooling to a location or a work site ensures worker safety and a healthier working environment. The UAE-made solution is due to launch at the Big 5 event in Dubai, later this month, he said. It can find its application in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centres, oil and gas installations, factories, military bases, sporting events and even at large construction project sites, he added.

Elaborating on the installation and commissioning of the technology, Ghopkash said, “A simple water inlet hook-up and a standard electrical outlet is all that an end-user needs.” He said that the coolers can cool up to 328 m² of space, while delivering up to 33,000 m³ of cool air volume to the harshest environments on earth. Looking ahead to the future, Ghopkash said, “Our dream is to bring UAE-made products to customers around the globe, including the United States, Europe and Asia.”

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