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Qlikchain offers solutions to improve food security

The Netherlands is moving forward; what companies began as Proof of Concepts are now being implemented as blockchain strategies, says CEO, Qlikchain

| | Nov 25, 2018 | 11:12 am
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Ayon Hazra, CEO, Qlikchain International

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 25 November 2018: Blockchain is viewed in two ways, first, by understanding its application to cryptocurrency and second, its adoption in business use cases. Commenting on this thought, Ayon Hazra, CEO, Qlikchain International, said, “Slowly, but surely we are entering a phase, where blockchain is being adopted in a way it is meant to be.” The Netherlands, he added, is moving forward; what began as Proof of Concepts (POC) by companies are now spreading to actual implementation, as they are able to visualise the potential benefit the application of blockchain brings to a business.

Commenting on Qlikchain and its contribution to the farm-to-fork concept in the food chain, Hazra said, “Our mission is to improve global food systems at the farm level and to do this, it is crucial to develop sustainable farming practices.” TruVito and AcreCX are the two blockchain-based solutions Qlikchain offers, he said. Elaborating, Hazra said, “TruVito is an auditing service, which enables farmers to prove the control conditions of their farms and receive certifications.” Auditing the harvest is the first critical step towards food security, he said, which is presently plagued by weak purchasing power, cheap imports and unfair trade practices. AcreCX, he asserted, is the other blockchain-based marketplace for harvest-audited farms. While living in a globalised world, there is a need for markets to be connected, he said. The idea, he added, is to empower small-scale farmers in shifting power from global corporations to farm cooperatives.


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