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Lowe sets aside 50% budget for cold room solutions in the Middle East

Working in harsh climatic conditions is the most pressing challenge in cold rooms, says Chief Operating Officer

| | Nov 13, 2018 | 11:14 am
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Dubai, UAE, 13 November 2018: The market for cold rooms is the strongest in the Middle East, said Mark Wood, Chief Operating Officer, Asia, Lowe, while speaking on the company’s rental business for cold rooms and temporary storage solutions. “Lowe is a company that caters to refrigeration, catering equipment and temporary kitchens,” said Wood. Elaborating on the budget set aside for cold rooms, he said, “We have set aside nearly 50% of our budget only to cater to cold rooms in the Middle East region.”

Maintaining the temperature and quality of dairy products in cold rooms in harsh climatic conditions is one of the most pressing challenges today, he said. “The environmental conditions in this part of the world pose major challenges during the day and night time,” he added.

Elaborating on the measures taken to deal with the harsh climatic conditions, he said, “We have been in Dubai for six years and have had a lot of modifications made to the motors and compressors, for them to work specifically in the region.” However, he said, Lowe refrains from using new cooling technologies, as most of its projects are in remote conditions that demand tried and tested equipment, rather than cutting-edge equipment. Elaborating on a recent project, Wood said that the company has been providing a temporary cold room and kitchen solution to the British army in the Oman desert and, hence, it needs solutions that will work. In addition, he said, the company has a cold storage and kitchen in Abu Dhabi that caters to meals for 700 crew-members and also provides cold rooms for Formula one (FI) Grand Prix events.

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