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JRI emphasises importance of the IoT in temperature control in the cold chain

Factors, such as threshold overruns, must be kept in check in the cold chain, says Export Business Manager

| | Nov 14, 2018 | 10:39 am
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Dubai, UAE, 14 November 2018: The increasing role of the IoT and its contribution to temperature control and regulation cannot be dismissed, asserted Natalie De Saeger, Export Business Manager, JRI, while discussing the impact of the IoT on the cold chain. “Temperature control,” she said, “is vital to transporting food and contributes to an ever-growing market in the Middle East.” Today there are a number of temperature-monitoring solutions, which can help trace the temperature of food in the cold chain with temperature alerts in real-time, said Saeger. “Factors such as threshold overruns must be kept in check in the cold chain and are vital to ensuring the quality of food is never compromised,” she added.

Speaking on the attentiveness among stakeholders to the use of technology in the food and cold chain sector, De Saeger said, the availability of new technology has eased the adoption of sensors for monitoring temperature in the cold chain. “Today, there is an increased use of IoT-enabled sensors for tracking temperature control, as compared to the use of RFID tags,” she said. Referring to RFID as a less modern solution, she added, the IoT-enabled sensors do a better job of tracking temperature flow in the cold chain.

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