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Food Watch Programme to regulate food served in restaurants, school canteens

Application of blockchain technology in the programme to help trace problems to its source, says Data Acquisition Officer, Science Tribune

| | Nov 4, 2018 | 4:00 pm
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Maryam Mohammed, Data Acquisition Officer, Science Tribune

Dubai, UAE, 4 November 2018: Data collection and auditing is the biggest challenge that exists in using blockchain technology in the Food Watch Programme, asserted Maryam Mohammed, Data Acquisition Officer, Science Tribune, during the Dubai International Food Safety Conference, at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

As of today, Mohammed said, the Food Watch Programme is available on a website and they are in the process of bringing the information on to an app. “Presently, we are adding all the food establishments, including restaurants, on to the Food Watch application, while also including the dishes being served,” she said. By using the application, a user will be able to scan the product slowly using the camera, after which the product will pop up and display all the information related to it, she said. From the nutrition point of view, the application will show data from the calorie count to the allergen-causing components in the product, she said. In addition, she said, the application will also provide details of the canteens in schools, which will enable parents to regulate what their kids are eating. Say, for instance, you go to a restaurant and you want to know the menu, all you have to do is scan the logo and you will be provided with the rating given by the Dubai Municipality, she said.

In the future, Mohammed highlighted, smart food permits and vehicle approvals will also be done via the application and the platform, ensuring protection against breakouts. She said, “If there was a case of food poisoning, we’d be able to trace the problem to its source and that’s where blockchain proves to be useful.”

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