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F-Gas Regulation encourages adoption of high-GWP refrigerant alternatives

Eurovent publishes update on recent publications related to alternative refrigerants, body says

| | Nov 15, 2018 | 3:54 pm
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Brussels, Belgium, 15 November 2018: The European Commission has funded the project Real Alternatives learning programme, which provides information in 15 languages on the safe use of alternatives such as ammonia, hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide and low flammables, Eurovent announced in a Press communiqué. Real Alternatives is a mix of e-learning, face-to-face training materials, practical exercises, assessments and an e-library of learning resources that groups knowledge and expertise about alternative refrigerants, from across Europe, on one platform, the communiqué said.

According to Eurovent, many free multi-lingual learning materials are available for individual development or for use as classroom training materials, within Real Alternatives. The communiqué said they include e-learning content, electronic tools, and a comprehensive library gathered from existing resources, which contains over 100 useful industry resources.  The communiqué further said the Real Alternatives website can be accessed at: https://realalternatives.eu/.

Installer leaflet and video: As part of a broader communications campaign, four associations (EPEE, AREA, Asercom and EFCTC) have joined forces to call upon European installers to stop using high-GWP refrigerants in the equipment they install, in particular R-404A and R-507A, the communiqué said. To this end, these associations have developed a leaflet, available in 20 languages, for installers, highlighting the key actions needed to tackle the difficult market situation created by high HFC prices and low availability, the communiqué further said. The leaflet urges installers to stop using R-404A and R-507A in new equipment, retrofit existing equipment with lower-GWP refrigerants, reduce leakages and charge sizes and recover, recycle and reclaim refrigerants, the communiqué added.

Refrigerant gas recycling and the F-Gas phase down technical bulletin: AREA, the European Association of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump (RACHP) contractors, has issued a technical bulletin to remind contractors of the importance of effective recycling of as much recovered gas as possible, in order to alleviate the pressures being experienced in the field with shortages of virgin and reclaimed gas, the communiqué said.

According to Eurovent, manufacturers confronted with issues related to alternative refrigerants may find it interesting to look at the information provided by related associations such as eurammon, EPEE, AREA and others, on the possible developments related to refrigerants. The communiqué said links to these related resources are available on the Eurovent website.

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