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Carel launches apps for a new user experience

Apps provide simplified interaction with units, company representative says

| | Nov 8, 2018 | 5:28 pm
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Brugine, Padua, Italy, 8 November 2018: Carel, a manufacturer of control solutions for the air-conditioning, refrigeration and air humidification sectors, presented its new applications with regard to the user experience, the company announced in a Press communiqué. Units are no longer controlled using their own display, but rather using a smartphone, the communiqué said. Carel’s offering is the result of a development effort aimed at simplifying user interaction with HVACR units, which are themselves becoming increasingly complex, the communiqué further said.

Applica is the mobile service app developed as part of Carel’s unit digitisation project, with the aim of facilitating both installation and maintenance, the communiqué said. It allows users to interact with units via a graphic interface, the communiqué further said. With Applica, the unit can be configured in one single operation, exchanging information with a remote service and receiving alerts in the event of alarms, the communiqué added.

According to Carel, Applica can control different devices and applications, such as bottle coolers, refrigerated cabinets, chillers, water loop systems, etc. When Applica connects to a controller, it recognises the type of unit and downloads the applications it needs from the cloud, the communiqué said.

Carel launched Controlla, the unit control app dedicated to end-users, at Chillventa 2018, the communiqué said. According to Carel, Controlla simplifies the operation of efficient and high-performance systems and allows the unit’s owner to have the system remote control in their pocket at all times.


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