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Bricsys launches BricsCAD V19 CAD system

The software extends BricsCAD’s workflows for general drafting, mechanical design and Building Information Modelling, company’s representative says

| | Nov 21, 2018 | 8:59 am
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Dubai, UAE, 21 November 2018: Belgium-based software development company Bricsys has announced the launch of the BricsCAD V19 software, through a Press communiqué.

The software extends BricsCAD’s workflows for general drafting, mechanical design and Building Information Modelling, the communiqué said. All of these workflows are now available in a single product family, the communiqué further said. There are new features, workflow improvements and fixes in this updated version of BricsCAD, the communiqué added.

According to Bricsys, Blockify finds repetitive geometry, automatically creates blocks to reduce .dwg size, and works for both 2D and 3D geometry. 2D drafting and sketching are faster with the new nearest distance dynamic dims, ‘nudge’, and adaptive snap steps that work together to make drawing accurate and easy, the communiqué said. BricsCAD BIM V19 delivers an efficient, full 3D workflow, the communiqué further said. It utilises AI to connect layered compositions correctly, which provides accurate detailing, across the entire model, the communiqué added.

Quickdraw allows users to create an entire 3D floor plan in less than a minute, the communiqué said. HVAC modelling takes on a solid foundation with new profile libraries, the communiqué further said. The SITE object understands volumetric grading and lets users shape the terrain for the building model, the communiqué also said. Bricsys has combined the BricsCAD Platinum edition with Sheet Metal for BricsCAD to create the all-new BricsCAD Mechanical, the communiqué additionally said. It brings the power of direct modelling, constraints, and parametrics to give 3D modelling freedom for mechanical designers, the communiqué added.

According to Bricsys, BricsCAD V19, BricsCAD BIM, BricsCAD Mechanical and Communicator are now available for free, for 30 days at www.bricsys.com. The communiqué said that starting with V19, every license of BricsCAD works in all geographies and all language versions. The communiqué further said that Bricsys offers BricsCAD as a perpetual (permanent) software license, so customers have continual access to their design data. The communiqué added that Bricsys is now part of the Swedish group Hexagon PPM.

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