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‘VR in BIM most likely to benefit the end-user’

Virtual reality can be used as an extension of BIM in construction, says industry expert

| | Oct 7, 2018 | 3:35 pm
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Joshua A Theodore

Dubai, UAE, 7 October 2018: “Imagine a day when we have all the data to choose how we want our building facilities to be. Not only data but also the technology to imagine what it would look like in real-time,” said Joshua A Theodore, Vice President, Global Health Practice, Leo A Daly, at the recent Building Healthcare Innovation and Design Show, in Dubai. Quoting Mark Zuckerberg, he said, “The next big platform will be virtual reality (VR), which will not only understand the design aspects of a project but will also be empathetic towards people.”

Elaborating, Theodore said that today, if VR is used during the pre-construction phase, it will help give the end-user a clear picture of what the building will look like. He said, “From understanding spaces in a building, to being able to conduct walkthroughs, VR can be used as an extension of BIM in MEP construction projects.” Its application, Theodore said, will revolutionise the way that MEP contractors, consultants, engineers, architects and even clients approach a project.



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