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‘There is a need to commit to data collection’

Data collection is a must, in order to study progress and link design to outcomes, says Director of Research, HKS

| | Oct 7, 2018 | 9:00 am
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Upali Nanda

Dubai, UAE, 7 October 2018: During her session at the Building Healthcare Innovation and Design Show in Dubai, Upali Nanda, Director of Research, HKS, said that the Middle East and Asia regions need to begin data collection, in order to study progress and link design to outcomes. “When it comes to innovation in the healthcare sector, we know that India and Japan are doing some phenomenal work; however, in order to study progress, there is a need for data collection,” said Nanda.

Statistics, Nanda said, can only be obtained and studied when project managers, designers and the construction industry, begin to collect data in a systematic way. She concluded, “The industry and the healthcare sector needs to commit to data collection as well as cross-checking it.”


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