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‘The Middle East has its challenges with regard to the adoption of technology’

The rate of acceptance of technology is slow, yet steady, says Deepak J Babani, Executive Vice Chairman, Eros Group

| | Oct 29, 2018 | 4:29 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 29 October 2018: The rate of adoption of technology in the Middle East is slow, yet steady, said Deepak J Babani, Executive Vice Chairman, Eros Group, during Daikin’s Technology Partnership event with Galaxy Cooling Technologies. He said, “At our end, there is a continual effort to educate manufacturers on energy efficiency. However, people in the Middle East are hesitant, when it comes to adopting new technology. In the region, opinions are formed after meeting people and listening to their experience of using a particular technology.” Although the new generation, he highlighted, is more open and willing to experiment with new concepts, with regard to technology and its application.

Babani said the next step is to connect the air conditioning system to an application, which then connects to the cloud. For instance, he said, sensors in a room should be able to detect the rate of perspiration in a room and accordingly set the temperature inside the room. He added, “The savings we get from using technology and smart controls is enormous and, at Eros, we understand and adopt technology only after we are certain that it will benefit not only the organisation but also our customers.”

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