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‘The lack of awareness is a major roadblock to the adoption of blockchain’

Its application will, most likely, be welcomed with criticism, says Brian De Francesca, CEO, Ver2

| | Oct 10, 2018 | 11:16 am
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Brian De Francesca

Dubai, UAE, 10 October 2018: “Blockchain is a game-changer,” said Brian De Francesca, CEO, Ver2, during a conversation at the recent Building in Healthcare Conference. “Blockchain is an open source system and might also lead to interoperability,” he said. However, the adoption of the technology will most likely be received with criticism, he said. “Even though blockchain gives us the reason to trust what’s on the internet, there are those who have vested interests and benefit from a lopsided system. They will rebel against the adoption of blockchain,” he added.

However, De Francesca said, it’s just a matter of time before blockchain is adopted across sectors, but what’s necessary to speed up the process is awareness. The lack of awareness, he said, is the major roadblock to blockchain and its adoption. Making a call for action, he said that today we need implementation, more than just theories and strategies and Dubai has been pretty persistent in creating that awareness. He added, “All we need to do is take that step and apply it to our businesses and industries.”

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