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Taqeef survey reveals UAE residents prefer ‘chiller free’ homes to rent

As many as 62% of married couples with children, state that the AC bill is a top-three factor in choosing a rental home, survey results show

| | Oct 28, 2018 | 11:25 am
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Dubai, UAE, 28 October 2018: A survey commissioned by the cooling and energy solutions provider Taqeef reveals that 66% of UAE residents look for ‘chiller free’ options when searching for a home to rent, with only 10% saying they do not, the company announced in a Press communiqué. This was highest among families, with 62% of couples with children admitting the AC bill was a top-three factor in the decision-making process, the communiqué said.

According to Taqeef, these results come following recent survey findings by the company, which revealed 58% of respondents would use their AC less, if they had to pay the full bill, despite 74% admitting that they are aware that using their AC excessively can have a negative impact on the environment.

The communiqué said, when analysing the results further, the data revealed income and location play a factor:

  • People earning in the 30-35k salary bracket are most likely to look for options, where AC bills are included in the rent – with 89% stating this as a key consideration. This is followed by 81% of those who earn 8-10k and 72% of those who earn 25-30k.
  • This compares to only a third (33%) of those who earn 45-50k per month, who are the least likely to consider looking for options that pay the AC bill as part of the rent.
  • Sharjah residents are the most cost-conscious, with 70% stating that they would look for AC to be included, followed by Abu Dhabi (67%) and Dubai (64%) residents.

Tariq Al Ghussein, Chairman and CEO, Taqeef,

Tariq Al Ghussein, Chairman and CEO, Taqeef, explained: “Given the harsh climate in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in the summer months, residents rely on their AC units to keep their homes comfortable and humidity free. However, it’s important for us to be mindful of our AC use, and at Taqeef we’re working hard to find smarter and more efficient ways of cooling the region’s homes. Affordable technologies, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat, make it easy to save energy without compromising cooling or air quality. By figuring out exactly what cooling your space needs, while you’re away, it can help homeowners manage their usage and contribute to greener, cleaning cooling.”

According to Taqeef, the survey conducted by YouGov, was sent to 1,000 candidates across the United Arab Emirates.


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