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‘Manufacturers must lead the industry towards energy efficiency’

If the situation is left as it is, we won’t move towards the energy-efficiency goal; there is a need for education, says Chairman and President, Daikin Middle East and Africa

| | Oct 30, 2018 | 3:00 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 30 October 2018: In some regions, Daikin has a high market share; however, the company has a huge scope of growing in the Middle East, expressed Yuji Miyata, Chairman and President, Daikin Middle East and Africa, on the sidelines of Daikin’s Technology Partnership event with Galaxy Cooling Technologies. “I am confident that Galaxy Cooling Technologies are key influencers in the region and now are our strong partners,” he said.

Today, Miyata added, it is the responsibility for manufacturers like Daikin to lead the way in steering the industry towards energy efficiency and sustainability. Highlighting a challenge in the region, he said, “Today, even though 80% of the energy consumption in the Middle East comes from buildings, we hardly see the use of inverter technology. If we leave the situation as it is, we cannot move towards the energy-efficiency goal. I dislike the word, but what we need is education; there is a need to inform people about the need to use technology, which is available to move towards the sustainability goal.”

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