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‘FM managers to benefit from IoT-powered sensors’

The data collected will help facility managers and building operators in gaining predictive insight, says CEO 75F

| | Oct 30, 2018 | 1:20 pm
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Deepinder Singh, CEO, 75F

Dubai, UAE, 30 October 2018: While emphasising the need to redefine our understanding of IoT and smart buildings and its connection to energy efficiency, Deepinder Singh, CEO, 75F, said, “IoT comes with a host of benefits, such as cost reduction, energy savings and improved productivity.” However, he added that there is a need to look beyond. Applied IoT, he said, offers much greater value than just a replacement for existing building automation systems and improving energy efficiency. “Even though IoT sensors might be spread across a vast network of devices, the technology helps glean insight, which proves to be useful to facility managers and building developers,” Singh said. IoT, he added, takes us a step further, in not just monitoring a building system but also helps in controlling HVAC and lighting systems, based on data collected from intelligent sensors. The data collected, he said, will help facility managers and building operators in being a step ahead in avoiding any malfunctions or down-time, while offering predictive solutions.

Elaborating, Singh said, “We are involved in making your building sense smart, which delivers optimal Occupant Experience and Operational Efficiency.” The idea, he said, is to empower people to work better and the solution, he added, is in sync with sustainability programmes such as the 38 LEEDv4 credits, Arc score integration for benchmarking.

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