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‘Explosion protection a key aspect of fire safety’

There is a high level of attentiveness to fire-safety measures in the MENA region, says President and CEO, Fike Corporation

| | Oct 11, 2018 | 1:37 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 11 October 2018: The number of threats leading to a fire and the solutions available to prevent it are numerous, said Brad Batz, President and CEO, Fike Corporation, while highlighting the company’s contribution to fire safety. “There is a high level of attentiveness to fire-safety measures in the MENA region,” he said. However, there is a constant need for manufacturing companies to be attuned to fire-safety regulations, he added.

Brad Batz

Pointing out an important aspect to fire-protection, he said that explosion protection is a concern for process industries. “Explosion protection is a fire-safety solution used primarily in process industries, which involves the conveyance or movement of materials. During processing, there’s a high chance of dust being suspended in the air, which can cause an explosion,” he said. Explosion-protection systems, he added, help mitigate the risk, before the dust reaches the walls of the dust collector.

Elaborating, he pointed to the positioning of the system and correct installation as crucial factors for the way these systems respond and perform. He said: “The installation requires skilled technicians and requires the process to be shut down during installation. This means there’s tremendous project deadline pressure on the technician installing the equipment.”

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