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Eurovent updates recommendation on ISO 16890 rated air filter classes

Eurovent 4/23 (2018) includes a practical table and updated values, organisation says

| | Oct 2, 2018 | 4:58 pm
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Brussels, Belgium, 2 October 2018: The Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Filters’ has published an updated version of its Recommendation 4/23, ‘Selection of EN ISO 16890 rated air filter classes for general ventilation applications’, the body said in a Press communiqué. The 2018 version is aligned with European standards and includes a hands-on table, which shows that required filtration efficiencies can be reached by using different filters or different combinations of filters, the communiqué said.

Eurovent Recommendation 4/23 (2018) constitutes a comprehensive guideline, which supports a swift transition away from EN 779, while making full use of the potential EN ISO 16890 offers in terms of Indoor Air Quality, the communiqué said. The publication is addressed to all HVAC professionals dealing with ventilation systems, particularly design consultants, facility managers and manufacturers of equipment incorporating air filters, the communiqué further said.

According to Eurovent, the document can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Document Webshop of www.eurovent.eu. The communiqué said that although the recommendation is a standard by nature, the document is published in a guidebook style, allowing engineers on the road to carry it with them easily. The communiqué further said that a printed version can be requested at all filter manufacturers who are members of the Eurovent Association. The communiqué added that the recommendation will be regularly updated, once new testing data becomes available.

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