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‘Data mining will drive the future of architecture in the healthcare industry’

How VR is used in the preliminary stage of a project, will determine its outcome, says VP, Leo A Daly

| | Oct 16, 2018 | 1:37 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 16 October 2018: “Imagine a day when we all have the data we need, to be able to choose how we want our building facilities to work,” said Joshua A Theodore, Vice President, Global Health Practice, Leo A Daly, at the Building in Healthcare Conference at Dubai. During his talk on VR and AI and how empathy and analytics impact healthcare design solutions, he said that data mining will drive the future of architecture in the healthcare industry.

Elaborating, Theodore said that today there is a detachment between the client and the designer and this has the potential to interfere with how a building turns out. Speaking of empathy in design, he mentioned research carried out by a VR company and said that it showed how VR can drive behaviour change. “It’s all about how VR is used, which will determine the productivity of a project,” he said, adding that how VR is used in the initial phases of a project, to impact the design solution, matters significantly. Theodore said: “If we take information from the human side of things and spend time understanding what they really want in their system, it eases the process. Once we know what drives them, it just makes project delivery easy and we can map out the project plan with the client, while conducting walkthroughs.” He added, “Using VR just simplifies and eases the whole process of how we approach a project. It also saves on cost by eliminating the use of mock-ups.”

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