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‘Daikin, Galaxy Cooling Technology partner to expand business in the UAE market’

The partnership commits to delivering the best in product solutions and customer service, says General Manager, Daikin Middle East and Africa

| | Oct 25, 2018 | 5:23 pm
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Dubai, UAE, 25 October 2018: “I am deeply moved to see the gathering here as Daikin gets a new technology partner, Galaxy Cooling Technologies,” said Yuji Miyata, Chairman and President, Daikin Middle East and Africa, at Daikin’s Technology Partnership event with Galaxy Cooling Technologies, at the Intercontinental Hotel, in Dubai. Daikin, he said, is a company that believes in the power of people. He further said that the partnership will enable both the companies to progress together, while also expanding business in the United Arab Emirates.

Samer Alawiah, General Manager, Sales and Strategic Key Accounts, Daikin Middle East and Africa, said, “Today I represent Daikin and at the same time represent Galaxy Cooling Technologies.” Highlighting the purpose of the partnership, he said that it will commit to contractors, consultants and the construction industry and will provide them not only with the best products but also service. “The partnership with Galaxy Cooling Technology, which is a part of Eros, will enable us to give a complete solution to our customers,” he said. Elaborating on the history of the company, he said, “We are a company that was founded in the year 1924 and established the Daikin Middle East and Africa affiliate in the year 2006, in Dubai.” Since then, he added, the company has grown from strength to strength, through valued partnerships.

Deepak J Babani, Executive Vice Chairman, Eros Group said, “I take pride in bringing to you this partnership, which depicts power, focus, superior skills and commitment from the two big giants.” Elaborating, he said that Galaxy Cooling Technology’s core strength lies in marketing and distribution of leading brands, which will help penetrate the UAE market. Daikin’s key products, he said, have been the VRV range and they plan to expand in the future. “Our products boast of high energy efficiency and cater to all segments of the market,” said Babani.

Showcasing the various products and technologies used by Daikin was Sana Hamdani, DX Product Marketing Manager, Daikin Middle East and Africa. She said, “Today 80% of electricity consumption comes from buildings and it is essential to have solutions that not only consume low energy but also improve seasonal efficiency. The use of inverters for the sake of energy consumption, she said, can be used effectively for energy efficiency. Giving an example of one such technology, she said, “The Daikin Intelligent Eye is a technology that regulates the temperature in the room on the basis of the occupancy rate.” During the event, Prashant BS, Associate Vice President, Eros Group, also mentioned the importance of adhering to ASHRAE standards, while stressing the hazardous effects of refrigerant leaks, as well as best practices within the HVAC industry.

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