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‘Cost is a factor influencing the adoption of RFID’

The rise in the number of RFID manufacturing companies in China and India has created a highly competitive market for both passive and active RFID tags, says Project Coordinator

| | Oct 24, 2018 | 3:30 pm
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Georgie Evans, Project Coordinator, Tracker Point

Dubai, UAE, 24 October 2018: Though RFID tags can help with temperature control of blood packets during transport, the cost factor of using RFID depends on the value it brings to a business, said Georgie Evans, Project Coordinator, Tracker Point. “A number of factors determine the implementation cost,” she said. For instance, a tag that has its own onboard power source tends to be more expensive than a passive RFID tag, where the power is supplied by the reader. However, she said, the choice of technology depends on project requirements.

“Based on experience, we have seen the cost to be the major factor influencing RFID and its application,” Evans said. She highlighted that the rise of manufacturing bases in China and India has created a highly competitive market, where the technology is becoming affordable. This, she said, will enable the healthcare sector to adopt the technology in a supply chain process.

Elaborating on the work done by Tracker Point, Evans said that the company has deployed over 200 installations worldwide, ranging from asset tracking in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, to monitoring shipments to China and even securing the storage of media assets in UK’s top universities.

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