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‘Companies are willing to pay more to have BIM in their projects’

Time is saved on coordination, thanks to Building Information Management, industry expert says

| | Oct 3, 2018 | 11:55 am
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Marwan Abu Ebeid

Dubai, UAE, 3 October 2018: Approximately, 70% of construction projects in the United Kingdom do not finish on time and within budget, said Marwan Abu Ebeid, Senior BIM Manager, Turner Construction, at the 4th Annual Construction Summit. However today, he said, a lot of time is saved on coordination, thanks to Building Information Management (BIM), which gives a clear picture of who does what in a project. “Initially, the cost of having BIM in projects was something that companies would have to consider. However, today, companies are willing to pay an extra amount just to integrate BIM in new projects,” he said.

Pointing to the benefits BIM can offer, Abu Ebeid said that it not only improves communication between the consultants, contractors and project managers but also helps them understand the placement of HVAC units and design aspects. “The idea is for project management consultants to get the most out of the technology,” he added. Highlighting a recent project, Abu Ebeid said that BIM can be very useful in retrofitting existing projects. “Recently we worked on a project where we had to build a new level to an existing building; that’s the potential the technology can have.”

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