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‘Benchmarking needed for cities to move towards energy efficiency’

‘There must be an environmental policy, which helps cities advance towards a net-zero goal,’ says Elementa Consulting

| | Oct 14, 2018 | 5:15 pm
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Ed Garrod

Dubai, UAE, 14 October 2018: “There is a huge disconnect between policy and action.” This statement was made by Ed Garrod, Principal, Elementa Consulting, Integral Group during the Seventh Annual EmiratesGBC Congress. While speaking on Policy and framework approaches for zero-carbon cities, Garrod said, “It has taken us 23 years to realise that we need to move towards net-zero cities.” Referring to the situation as having a trickledown effect, he insisted that change is imminent, but many new buildings were not acting fast enough with regard to sustainability. “Every city has its own challenge and to deal with these challenges better, there is need for benchmarking. Again, benchmarking will vary, however, there must be an environmental policy, which helps cities advance towards a net-zero goal,” said Garrod.

Dr Raed B’kayrat

While benchmarking might speed up the process, Dr Raed B’kayrat, Managing Director, Clean Energy Business Council, highlighted the role of incentives in achieving net-zero buildings. He said: “Countries have their respective targets when it comes to energy efficiency. But what’s needed is incentives and a reason why an existing, or a new, building must retrofit, or change, in order to be aligned with the net-zero goal.” Highlighting a major roadblock to carrying out retrofit projects, he said, “Retrofitting puts tremendous pressure on building owners and has cost constraints.” He added that in order to work around this challenge, every building must begin work, but in stages, rather than not doing it at all.

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