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Samsung Air Solutions inaugurates The Training Academy

Academy to be a regional hub for knowledge exchange, says trainer; highlights equipment for hands-on training sessions

| | Sep 20, 2018 | 1:30 pm
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The Training Academy by Samsung

Dubai, UAE, 20 September, 2018: The Training Academy for Samsung Air Solutions is now fully operational, said Malek Al Nimer, Regional Manager, B2B Sales and Marketing – Air Solutions Business (HVAC), Samsung, one of the master trainers involved in the development, launch and operation of the Academy. Al Nimer explained that the Academy will hold regular training programmes featuring seminars for consultants and contractors, in addition to vertical-specific training. The regular training programme, he explained, will be held monthly and will touch on design and selection using Samsung software, based on the trainees’ level. Training topics may include product introduction, installation, commissioning, troubleshooting and control integration (ranging from simple to high-level controllers). Designed to target distributors, Al Nimer said, the regular programme will also include Commercial Air Conditioners (CAC), Free Joint Multi (FJM), and will feature a presentation of case studies. New programmes, he said, may be rolled out as per demand requirement or as part of a strategy to introduce a new product line.

Al Nimer said that the consultant and contractor seminars will focus on the SAC line-up, control system solutions and application, operation management, reference sites, optimisation of DVMS for energy efficiency by design and solutions for sustainable buildings, highlighting low-energy consumption products.

Lastly, Al Nimer said, the vertical-specific training will explore industry specific trends in hospitality, government and education sectors. The topics covered, he added, include Samsung’s AC business vision, control system solutions and applications, operational management and sustainable building practices.

Shofil Abdul Rahiman, Manager, B2B, Pre/Post Sales, Samsung Electronics, said that the Academy will publish a calendar of events through a dedicated online portal that allows attendees to access results and receive further invitations. Rahiman said that a major area of focus will be on VRF technology, adding that while the market is now mature enough to see and recognise the benefits of VRF technology, training is needed, especially with regard to installation. The Academy, he said, will facilitate sessions from theory, pre-installation to commissioning of VRF technology, in the move to advance the technical skills and knowledge of distributors.

Al Nimer added that all training sessions are free of charge, and that the Academy’s main goal is to cultivate best practices in the industry and share innovations within Samsung. Al Nimer said, the plan is to hold monthly training sessions for the local market and the region, inviting experts from other markets to underpin the Academy’s commitment to be a regional hub, and in line with its commitment to cultivate best practices in the regional market.

Providing an exclusive tour of the facility, Al Nimer highlighted the live systems within the Academy, including control solutions and different applications, ranging from small and medium to big projects. The facility, he said, also includes stations featuring service, commissioning and installation tools and has a capacity of 30-35 people per class. Rahiman also highlighted the custom-designed simulation kits, developed especially for the training programme, which mimic the electronic parts of an air conditioner. Rahiman added, that it allows trainees to familiarise themselves with the controllers and gain confidence that they are able to handle the machine, once it arrives on site.

Al Nimer said this is especially useful for new engineers who are apprehensive about managing equipment, such as VRF equipment, as the outdoor and indoor simulation kits allows them to practice. Al Nimer said the Academy will also launch an education campaign, and will look to invite engineers at the university level to the Academy, so that they can benefit from the live system facilities and hands-on training sessions.


Hannah Jo Uy is Assistant Editor at Climate Control Middle East magazine. She may be contacted at hannah@cpi-industry.com

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